Terms of Use

  1. Preamble

    1. This document describes the Terms of Use for the services provided by MEGA TRUST IMPORT-EXPORT IKE (or "Company" from now on) at its online store www.megatrustshop.com.
    2. Use of this site means the unauthorized acceptance of the visitor / user terms described here.
  2. Personal data

    1. Your privacy is important to us, so we want to be transparent about it how you collect and use your personal information.
    2. Personal data and how we use it
      1. The following information is collected to create an account on the site us
        1. Email Address
          1. The email address is required to sign in on our site
          2. We will use your email address to you we send important notifications about your account (e.g.: request change of code, proof of payment, invoices, etc.).
          3. We will send you Newsletter only if you had you explicitly agree to receive such, when you sign up for our site
        2. Password
          1. Your password is safely stored in an unreadable format (Salted Password Hashing) for the sole purpose of identifying your.
        3. IP address
          1. The IP address is stored for security and statistical purposes.
        4. About the browser
          1. Your browser information is stored for reasons security and statistical considerations.
      2. All or some of the following personal data may be collected when you make a payment on our site
        1. Full Name, Company Name, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Number telephone, VAT, VAT, Profession
          1. We use this data for billing, billing, and billing purposes dispatch of the products.
    3. We do not share and disclose your personal information.
    4. Safeguard personal data
      1. We have taken all necessary steps to protect your privacy.
        1. We provide all areas of our website using robust encryption (TLS)
        2. We use strong encryption (AES) against
          1. Data transfer
          2. Data storage
          3. Backup
        3. We limit access to all infrastructure and management systems, using strong passwords and multiple authentication factors.
    5. User permissions
      1. Users can exercise the following rights
        1. Delete data
          1. Users have the right to request the deletion of their account, including any personal data they may have provided
        2. Exporting data
          1. Users have the right to receive all their data in a structured and legible form.
      2. In order for users to request the deletion or export of data, they must contact us by e-mail along with their request. We respond to all requests within 15 days.
    6. Age limitation
      1. This site is not targeted at children. You must be at least 16 years old to use our services.
  3. Returns

    1. Refunds are made within 14 (14) calendar days of the date (in the case of services) or delivery (where these are products) or receipt (when the Customer has chosen "pickup from shop ") and in the case of many goods ordered by the Customer with an order and delivered separately from the time of receipt and the latter, the Customer is entitled to withdraw from the sale (hereinafter referred to as "Withdrawal").
    2. This withdrawal is unjustified and the Customer must return the product directly to excellent situation that has received it. In particular, the returned product should not have used, to be in excellent condition, just before selling it, to original box (box, nylon, foam, etc.) which should not have been cracks or damage / alterations) and with all contents of the original packaging (instruction leaflets use, features and warranties, connection cables, installation software, etc.). Furthermore, to accept the return of the product, the original document should be displayed (retail receipt, invoice) from the person who originally purchased the product and whose figures are reflected in the purchase invoice.
    3. Repayment of the item is at the expense and at the expense of the buyer, unless it exists different written agreement. When the product is shipped after 7 days of charging transport costs the customer.
    4. Repayment of the item is accepted only if the Customer has previously paid any amount incurred by the Company for the dispatch of the product to it and the shipping costs for it its return.
    5. Return of the price due to a withdrawal to the Customer will take place no later than fourteen (14) working days from the time the Company received proven knowledge of the withdrawal of. Delivery costs will not be refunded unless the Customer had chosen a delivery method other than his the cheapest standard delivery method offered by the Company.
    6. Exceptions to the Right of Exit of paragraph 7:
      1. Products that are not suitable for return, for reasons of health protection (e.g. headphones, hands free etc) or hygiene, and which have been unsealed afterwards delivery, such as personal care items.
      2. Products that have been used, e.g. have been personalized with the registration her device (smartphones).
  4. Cookies

    1. The Company uses cookies to provide its services. Using this one site, you consent to the use of cookies.
    2. What are cookies
      1. Cookies are small pieces of text sent by your browser when you visit a website. A cookie is stored in your browser and allows our site or third party to recognize and facilitate you your next visit.
      2. When you use this site, we store a number of cookies in the program browsing.
      3. We use cookies for the following purposes:
        1. To make certain features of the site available
        2. To collect statistics and save your preferences.
        3. To authenticate users and prevent fraudulent use of accounts users
    3. Third-party cookies
      1. In addition to our own cookies, we may also use third party cookies to we collect site usage statistics
    4. What are your choices about cookies
      1. If you want to delete cookies or instruct your browser to delete or reject cookies, visit the program's help pages your web browser.
      2. However, if you delete cookies or refuse to accept them, you may not be able to use all the features we offer, you may not be able to save your preferences and some of our pages may not are displayed correctly.
  5. Intellectual property

    1. Except for explicit exceptions (copyright of third parties, affiliates and agencies, user content), the entire content of the Company, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, and services provided in general all the files on this site, are the intellectual property of the Company and are protected under the relevant provisions of European law and international conventions. Consequently, none of them may be sold in whole or in part, copied, modify, reproduce, republish, or be "uploaded", transmitted or distributed with in any way. Excluding the case of single storage of a single copy part of the content to a simple personal computer (personal computer) for personal and not public or commercial use and without deleting their indication of origin from this site, without in any way affecting the relevant intellectual and industrial property rights. The other products or services listed on the online pages of this site; and bear the marks of their respective organizations, companies, affiliates, associations or publications, are their own intellectual and industrial property and, therefore, these carriers carry the responsibility.
    2. The Company does not claim copyright on any content submitted by them its users. The intellectual property of the content you submit as a user on our site, belongs to you.
  6. Restrictions

    1. You do not have the right
      1. Transfer, resell or otherwise make available to third parties the services provided by Company without written permission
      2. Use the services of this site for spamming or other illegal sites aims
      3. Harm or misuse any Company operation or service.
  7. Disclaimer

    1. The contents and services of the Company are provided "as they are" without any warranty expressed or implied in any way. To the fullest extent and in accordance with the law, the Company denies all warranties expressed or implied, including, no but limited to that, which implies the marketability and suitability for a particular purpose. The Company does not warrant that the pages, services, choices, and contents will be provided without interruption, without errors and that errors will be corrected.
    2. In no event shall the Company be liable in any way for any loss of profits, loss data, business disruption, or other damages that may arise from Google use of its services.
    3. In no event will the Company be liable in any way for the content of the users including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any or any content any abusive or offensive content or for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever arising out of the use of any published content on this site.
    4. The Company does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted and secure access to its website services as its operation is likely to be affected by external factors unreasonable checked.
    5. Content displayed on the Company's site may include technical, typographical or photo errors. The Company does not guarantee the content on its site is accurate, complete or current. The Company may make changes to the content contained therein on her site at any time without notice.
  8. Links to other sites

    1. The Company does not control availability, content, personal protection policy data, quality and completeness of the services of other web sites and pages in which refers through "links", links, or banners. So for any problem during your visit / use, you should address directly to the respective web sites and pages, which are also responsible for the provision of their services. The Company in no case should be considered as embracing or accepting the content or services of the web sites and pages to which it refers or links to them way.
  9. Website Terms of Use Modifications

    1. The Company reserves the right to change the terms of use after informing visitors / users and within the existing or possible legal framework.